Personal experience: why you should start doing yoga

Even being in a wonderful country surrounded by cheerful mates, I confess that a few days ago I was super stressed without knowing exactly why. I believe I was overwhelmed with a lot of thoughts about money, work, family and chiefly about what I am going to do after here. Unfortunately, my days in Cairns are getting to the “end”.

I had already tried to find a solution to this kind of problem, however, nothing seemed to be working properly. But, one fine day I decided to join the YOGA club at CCEB. To be honest, I did not expect too much, as I had a wrong conception of yoga. I went to the yoga class as my last resort, because I did not know what more I could do to improve myself and release my stress.

In the beginning, it is hard for me to concentrate only on my breathing and nothing more. For example, in my case, as soon as I closed my eyes after the teacher explained what we needed to do, I knew I should not focus on my problems, I should just relax my mind and not think about anything. Of course, I could not do that in my first attempt. But, after a while, I realized I am able to do it for a few minutes.

Indeed, I had the wrong idea about Yoga. As soon as the class finished I could feel my body, my mind were very different. I was better. Everything was lighter. I do not know why but unfortunately even nowadays we do not talk too much about our mind. We are able to fix a leg that is broken but we are not able to talk too much about how to improve our psychological well-being.

After this experience, at least for me, I can say that yoga was the best medicine I already could have chosen to help my internally. I am so glad I had this opportunity that without hesitation I advise everybody to try it at least once. Because life is much more than just knowing how to clean your teeth, you need to know how to deal with and clean your mind as well.

Debora Komukai, Advanced Class

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