My Reef Quest dive

After arriving on the boat, we are received with a short briefing followed by a video explaining all the vessel safety instructions and showing fascinating facts about the Reef.

While the video is playing, the boat slowly begins to move towards our destination: Cairns Outer Reef’s. On the way we are given a safety number and are instructed on what to do in emergency situations. After a hour we arrive at our first diving spot.

After having been assigned a buddy, we descend to the depths of the clear Coral Sea where we are amazed by the colourful ecosystem of the reef. A variety of fish swim around the dull stones creating a surprising contrast of colours. The temperature is low but not uncomfortable.

After ascending from the water and having a satisfying lunch, we go to our next destination. This final dive is by far the best we have ever had. Turtles, sharks, blue tangs and even the famous clown fish are down there greeting us and showing us that they are real majestic creatures that should respected and protected, as for example the shark family feared by many and yet such a docile and calm creature.

This trip was not only amazing and relaxing but also educational and we hope you guys have the same feelings we had on this trip.

Enzo, Lake67 staff

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One thought on “My Reef Quest dive

  1. Hi Enzo,
    I’m glad you had a great day. The reef is definitely a beautiful place and there are so many amazing creatures. Great post and photos!
    Krystyna 🙂

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