Diving experiences on the Great Barrier Reef

Australia is great! Especially if you’d like to do one of your best dives you’ve ever done. I’ve already seen some different dive spots, like the Red Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, Italy and even the Caribbean. To be honest, personally, I think the reef isn’t called great for nothing! Although the reef is really suffering from bleaching and you can see the damage; it is still colourful and full of fishes.

The company Ocean Quest is doing a good job. The room where I spent my night was comfortable and the food was delicious. I really enjoyed my days at sea and I met kind people. The best experience here was the night dive, because you’re able to see animals which are nocturnal and you’ve never seen before. My best dive was the morning dive at six o’clock. Albeit waking up early in the morning is a challenge, it’s worth it: the sun is shining directly on the reef, so you can see more colours than during the day.

At the end I wish I could have done more dives here but I’m looking forward to coming back one time before the reef is dead!

Fabian Spring, Thurgau, Switzerland (IELTS Class)

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One thought on “Diving experiences on the Great Barrier Reef

  1. Yes, The Great Barrier Reef is awesome. I went there 2 days ago.
    The sea looked very natural and I’ve never seen something like this before.
    This island is made of coral reef and has many kinds of animals.
    Some of the more famous are turtles and Wally.
    Fortunately, I saw all of the animals.
    Before I came to in Cairns, I wanted to go to the Great Barrier Reef.
    I have achieved my goal.

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