Back to school again!

For a long time I had wanted to learn English, but after I finished my university, I started to work. Later on I did my Master’s and got a new job, so I never had time for learning English. I tried different courses, but always I was more concentrated on work and life.  Last year I was thinking, and thinking, and thinking about that and I felt that I really wanted to learn English and live in a different country for a while. So I talked with my boyfriend and we began looking for a course out of Chile.

I didn’t have to look too much, because I wanted an easy-going country with good weather. As you know, Australia has both, plus a friend who lives in Cairns recommended me the city and CCEB. So, the next step was check the time, prices, see what my budget was and ask for holiday leave at work.

At work, the reply was very slow coming and finally they didn’t accept my request, the reason why I decided to quit work. After that decision the time flew, I had to organize many things for my departure, the big one was leave my apartment, and that was crazy.

Now, seven months have passed since I arrived in Cairns. This is my last week here and only I can say that taking the decision was hard but absolutely recommended. Here I made good friends, had a job, learned English, learned about other cultures, enjoyed free time and nature, the Esplanade, BBQs, and I was able to travel, so I know many different cites, like Melbourne, Tasmania, Sidney, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Siem Reap, Hanoi, etc.

Finally, I can only say thank for all these wonderful months! It was a great decision and I will always remember this time.

Now… I have to find work in Chile, good-bye sabbatical time!

Madeleine Benavente, Upper-Intermediate

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