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When I arrived here, I had some idea about what I could do to get money (waitress, cleaner, and dishwasher). So, this was my first way.

I worked in a restaurant as a cleaner in the morning and as a waitress in the afternoon. This experience wasn’t so good, so I decided to quit and look for another job. I have had different occasional jobs too, selling food, cleaning houses, etc… (Everything works)

My second job, and present job, is as a massage therapist. This job is something really new and different for me it has been a good experience because I learned about the business and myself.

But, the other day, a friend asked for help in her job because a fish bit her hand (yes, a fish, not a crocodile, not a shark…but a fish) So, what did she do? She makes braids at the Port Douglas fair every Sunday. As you can imagine, she can’t work with her hands making braids. For me it was like “OK, why not? I love making braids and I think it will be fun to learn something new”. I started to help her and it has been a really good experience because I do something that I really love, and it is so relaxing for me. Last Sunday I went to sell them with her and enjoyed this day so much.

The best part of all this, is that I get money doing something I love. I enjoy it and it relaxes me. I never imagined doing something like that here in Cairns.

Erika, Upper-Intermediate

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