Cairns Botanic Gardens seen through the lens of my camera

Hello, my name is Katie. Together with my teacher Justyna and classmates we went to Cairns Botanic Garden on January 31. After our class visit I stayed there longer for a more detailed walk with my camera.  I would like to present to you my focus on the Gardens, including a variety of my photos.

To start with, we visited a special tropical plant Titan Arum, which we found in Flecker Gardens and, more specifically, located in the Watkins Munro Martin Conservatory. In the shade house you can see carnivorous plants, orchids, various kinds of palms, bromeliads (Did you know that pineapple belongs to the Bromeliaceae family?), a small lagoon with beautiful blooming waterlilies along with a lot of splendid butterflies.

After visiting the shade house, we went to the part of the Gardens called Aboriginal Plant Use Garden. The Aboriginal Plant Use Garden offers a short walk located within the Flecker Garden which showcases many of the local plants that were important to the local inhabitants. We saw the crops like coffee and tea trees, a sausage tree and a lot of palms.

If you go through the Garden, you can see a palm tree wrapped around with a cactus growing on it, a wide variety of colourful palm flowers (all shades from red to yellow), thorny trunks of trees, and you can also enjoy a romantic atmosphere of the luminous stream. The bright sunlight through the green coloured palm leaves fascinates your mind that you leave the world around you and you begin to feel like Alice in Wonderland.

For me as a European, the tropical flora is so enormously big, high and infinite. I was growing plants back home but their leaves were max. a few cm long, but here in the rainforest the same plants have giant leaves.

I was fascinated by the gigantic Elephant Ears, Alocasias, Monsters’, Devil’s ivy, Dieffenbachias, Ferns, Fern trees, Rainbow eucalyptus, commonly known as the Rainbow Gum with colourful bark, and the huge bamboos…

Cairns Botanic Gardens is a place of impressive spectacle of colours, fragrances, tones, wildlife and fascinating nature.

Finally, I would like to give you a tip: when you decide to visit Cairns Botanic Gardens, please don’t forget to take a mozzie spray with you.

Thank you very much for your reading and hope that my photos will inspire you to visit this amazing place in Cairns.

Katie, Intermediate A

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One thought on “Cairns Botanic Gardens seen through the lens of my camera

  1. Hi Katie, thank you for your blog post.
    Your blog and the beautiful pictures excited me. The tropical plants have fascinating appearances, and they have their own meaning to live. It is rare to see tropical plants in the area I live in. I wanted to go to Botanic Gardens after reading your blog. Thank you!

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