The best CCEB love letter ever!

Students reading each other’s letters

With Valentine’s Day celebrations last February, Justyna and Sissa’s Intermediate classes joined forces to practise writing love letters! It was a great opportunity for the students of both classes to get to know each other a bit. Writing a love letter was a pair work task and it finished with both classes catching up again later on in the week to read the (anonymous) letters and give them scores.

To everyone’s surprise, the winning team was… male! Congratulations to Benz and Saul who wrote the best love letter of all times! Here it is below for you to see it for yourselves 😉

Benz holding the winning letter

Congratulations Benz and Saul!


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One thought on “The best CCEB love letter ever!

  1. you are very passionate, hahahahaha
    I hope your love is matched.
    especially last sentence is very impressive haha
    good luck for your love

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