This is my hobby

Hello, my friends! Thank you for checking out my blog post.

I started studying English last month. English is very difficult, but I’m enjoying studying it!!

I’m writing about my hobby, actually, I have a lot of hobbies, for example singing, travelling, and drawing pictures.

My father likes drawing pictures; he always shows me his pictures. When I draw pictures, I need a model. But my father doesn’t, because he always has an image in his mind.

Actually I have been to New Zealand. I studied English there for half a year. I heard new vocabulary every day, so I got confused. And, I drew some pictures.

By the way, here are my drawings.  Do you know them? They are very popular in Japan.

A beard….DAISUKE  JIGEN (Lupin the 3rd)

A moustache….MARIO (Super Mario)

A goatee….TAKESHI  MOTOBA (Dried sister UMARU) Japanese comic.

Pony tail…. (My original character)

Curl…. (My original character)

Jumpei, Intermediate

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One thought on “This is my hobby

  1. Hi Jumpie! ^^

    You are really good at drawing. In my opinion, it’s a good hobby to relax and kill time.
    I just know Mario because he is famous worldwide and I confuse Daisuke with a character from League of Legends, Twisted Fate. hahahaha
    Anyway, your drawings are fantastic. I hope you can upload more of them in the future 😀

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