Beautiful waterfalls tour

I went on a waterfalls tour with my friends. I’ve wanted to go to the waterfalls for a long time. There are a lot of waterfalls in Cairns. Each of them is a different place and far away from each other, but this time I could go to many waterfalls.

We traveled around Babinda, Innisfail, Atherton, Mareeba and Kuranda. It was a long trip.

“Josephine Falls”

It was tremendous. When I went there, it was raining a little bit so the quantity of water was a little high and flowing strongly. I was wearing a swimwear but I couldn’t swim.

I touched the water with my foot. The water was very cold.

“Millaa Millaa Falls”

Personally, I think Millaa Millaa was the best waterfalls. What a beautiful waterfall!! It seems like a curtain of water. And I liked the atmosphere of the enviornment.

“Barron Falls”

I’ve been there 2 times. When I went to Kuranda, I had looked at this waterfall. The train went past  this waterfall. And the Skyrail also passed near the waterfall. This waterfall was extremely big and it was a beautiful scenery.

I saw a platypus on the way to the waterfall. I’ve never seen it so I was excited. A tour guide said that there’s 50 % probability of seeing it. Therefore, I’d hoped that I see it. Luckily, I could see a platypus. I think that it was a baby one. It was swimming in the river. So cute!!!

I was glad that I could touch the nature of Cairns. I was interested in it. I’ll stay here a few more  months so I’d like to try to travel in Cairns.

Sayuri, Upper-Interemediate C

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2 thoughts on “Beautiful waterfalls tour

  1. Hello, I am Mai.
    I have visited Zillie Falls, Millaa Millaa Falls and Malanda Falls on July 29.
    I had a good time because I love waterfalls.
    But I have never been to Barron Falls.
    I want to see it, but I have no time to visit the place.
    If I go to Cairns again, I will go to Barron Falls.

  2. Hello, my name is Wataru.
    I arrived in Australia yesterday, so I’m very keen to go sightseeing.
    I want to go to these waterfalls after reading your blog post.
    From now on, I’ll invite some friends.
    I’m looking forward to visiting the places!
    I will try to take beautiful pictures like yours.

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