How I changed into a bird

After my first day at school, while walking down the street, I spotted a skydiving brochure in a travel agency. I walked in and the travel agent explained everything to me, but I thought that it was too expensive at that time. But I couldn’t forget about it and, after a week, I went to the office again, and booked my skydiving jump. I didn’t notice however that there was a problem: I had to get to the centre of Cairns at 6:30 am, but there was no bus running that early in the morning and my host family had to work. So I decided to walk.

On the day, I set off at 4 o’clock. I walked for two hours and I finally arrived at a meeting point at 6:20 am. Then we went to Mission Beach. There were twelve challengers in the bus coming from America, Switzerland, China, Korea, and Japan. We were instructed about how to behave in the sky. But the next problem came which was a little bad weather conditions. We had to wait for better weather, so I thought that maybe I wouldn’t be able to jump that day.

Fortunately, it cleared up after several hours. We put on equipment quickly and got on a plane. Then the plane took off. When we went up in the sky, I saw a sea of clouds and I trembled continuously, because it was very cold high up in the sky. When the plane reached the altitude of 15000 feet, its door opened, the skydivers and their instructors fell down one after another, and I dropped, too. When I was free falling, I felt very high speed, the cold, the excitement, and a slight difficulty in breathing inside the clouds. Suddenly, my parachute was opened and I went through the clouds. I looked down at the sea, the beach, the island, etc. I enjoyed seeing the wonderful scenery. Soon thereafter we landed on Mission Beach safely. Everyone smiled, and I felt a sense of accomplishment.

If you are interested in skydiving, I highly recommend it. You can definitely get a great experience that is worthy of trying.

Katsuichi, Intermediate

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4 thoughts on “How I changed into a bird

  1. I think he is a challenger.
    I’m interested in sky diving.
    But I’m afraid that I don’t have the courage.
    So I respect him.

  2. Hi my friend!
    You are so brave for going skydiving!! I feel scared just thinking about it.
    Thanks for your recommendation about trying it and for sharing your experience 😀

    See you around~~ ^^

  3. You had a great time. I want to do skydiving too because I love activities like skydiving, snorkeling,
    diving and so on.
    I went to FITZROY ISLAND yesterday.I had a great time too. BYE!!!!!!

  4. I felt a good experience in your text.
    I have gone skydiving twice. One time at Mission Beach and one time over the Great Ocean Road near Melbourne.
    I went 30 min to bus and then Cairns airport.

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