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Happy Natsuki

On Thursday, the 8th of August, the Young Animal Protection Society (YAPS) visited our school, bringing with them some wonderful animals. Students and staff had a great time playing with and feeding the dogs, and it was great to see so many smiles on so many faces. Most importantly, the dogs certainly seemed to enjoy themselves as well.


Overall, we raised almost $300 for YAPS, which will be used to feed and care for animals that haven’t had a good start in life. Thank you to all students and staff for your contributions, and thank you to YAPS for coming to visit.


A very handsome boy (with Ben)



From the YAPS website (www.yaps.org.au):

The Young Animal Protection Society Inc. is a non-profit organisation that cares for homeless and unwanted dogs and cats. The overall goal of the organisation is to provide an animal welfare service aiming at excellence to Cairns and the surrounding district. YAPS is one of very few animal refuges in the area providing this service to the community.

Justyna with a puppy


The refuge started at its current location – Lot 2 McGregor Road, Smithfield – in 1985, and has gradually increased in size as volunteer power, financial support and donations of building materials became available to us.

Animals come to YAPS from various avenues. Animals found wandering the streets are brought to us by the council’s Animal Control department, or by members of the public. Sometimes it is a person’s living or personal circumstances that have changed and they can no longer keep their pets, so they voluntarily surrender them to YAPS. We endeavour to provide the essential care these animals so often desperately need, and commit to re-homing them, healthy, desexed and microchipped, into appropriate, secure and loving homes.

If you’re interested in volunteering for YAPS…

1 .You must be 18 years or over.

2. You must be physically fit and capable of carrying out the duties and tasks that might be assigned to you.

Walking our dogs is a heart-warming experience but can also be physically challenging. Whilst we have a variety of big dogs and small dogs some of our pooches are very strong and quite boisterous. You will need to be able to maintain a strong grip on their lead and be able to control the dog at all times.

3. You must be able to read and write.

Instructions relating to the individual behaviour and specific care of each dogs is handwritten on each kennel door. You must be able to read these instructions and make notations of your own to alert the Kennel Supervisor of any matters that may need to be bought to her attention.

4. You must be able to comprehend and follow the directions given to you.

Procedures are in place to ensure that our Volunteers enter and exit the kennels in an appropriate and controlled step-by-step manner. For your own safety and for the safety of our animals, Volunteers must be able to fully understand and follow directions, adhere to our processes, and do so without supervision.

There are a number of ways you can help at YAPS:

Dog Walking:

To assist in providing our dogs with a consistent level of basic training and to ensure newcomers are aware of how to correctly handle our dogs, all volunteer dog walkers are required to undergo induction training. (Must be at least 18 years of age)

Please check the front page of our website (www.yaps.org.au) for the next induction.


Assisting with feeding cats/kittens, cleaning enclosures and kitten socialization.

Laundry and Washing Dog and Cat Bowls:

We can always use a hand to stay on top of the mountains of bedding and bowls used by our dogs and cats. Help is required at all times in this area

Maintenance & Gardening:

If you are a qualified tradesperson, your skills would be invaluable in maintaining our aging premises and we would be incredibly appreciative of your help and support.


For more information on YAPS and how you can help, visit http://www.yaps.org.au.



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  1. I didn’t know YAPS until I read this blog today.
    I want to visit it someday because I love dogs.
    Now, I have 3 dogs in my home.
    And I had 5 dogs before.
    I’m interested in working with dogs.

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