Have you heard of freediving?

And do you know what the difference between scuba diving and freediving is?

There is this one Asian girl who is recently into freediving. When she heard the name of freeding for the first time, she didn’t have any idea what is was. But now she really yearns for doing freediving and wants to know how to upgrade her skills for the next level.

The girl just wanted to do snorkeling well in the first place. One of her friend suggested that she should take freediving sessions together. All she did was following her friend. After taking that session, she was grateful to her friend for showing her another underwater world.

Freediving is a form of underwater diving without equipment which can help you keep breathing under the water. You can rely on only one breath and on your body. When you go down under the water, you can hear only  the sound of your body moving. You feel free without anything else under the water.

Some people don’t believe the fact that we can hold our breath that long and how deep we can go. The world record says there is someone who held the breath for 10 mins and went down under 100 m on one breath. Do you think it’s because they are special? It was one of us.

It is likely that freediving is a kind of mental sport. It is a bit related to yoga because you can learn how to hold your breath doing yoga. The more you relax, the longer you can hold your breath.

That is why freediving is one of the most attractive sports.

Chanmee, Intermediate

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10 thoughts on “Have you heard of freediving?

  1. I was surprised by the beauty.
    I have done both diving and snorkeling.
    I can’t believe it but it’s true so it’s amazing.
    I can’t submerge deeply during the snorkeling .
    So I enjoy diving in Cairns.

  2. Yes Risa, me too.
    I enjoyed snorkelling on Fitzroy island last week with my friends.
    I tried free diving, but I only had five meters of breath.
    How can I do it, Chanmee??
    Finally, I’m planning go diving on the Great Barrier Reef next weekend. I’m looking forward to it.

  3. “Do you think it’s because they are special? ”

    I think they are special.Because not everybody can do free diving. We can do not it, If we practice it. When I sometimes dive under the water, I feel my ear are a little painful and my body is very uncomfortable. Maybe free divers feel it more. I respect them.

  4. I always wanted to do this kind of marine sports! I didn’t know it was called ‘freediving’.
    Where did she and her friend go to take freediving sessions, Chanmee?

  5. It was unbelievable!!
    If I stop my breath for ten minutes, I’ll never go down below water.
    I like swimming in the sea.
    I used to enjoy watching fishes.
    So I want to stop my breath for a long time.

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