I absolutely loved Job Ready Program at CCEB!

Practising beer pouring at Kanpai
I made a Cosmopolitan

I’d like to write about the Job Ready Program I took at CCEB. It was a great time to study the course with my wonderful classmates and teachers.

At first, I’m going to tell you about a practical part of it. This part is the most interesting part for me. We did table setting, wine pouring, taking orders, barista training and making coffees, etc. These are quite useful skills for hospitality jobs and we learned those using real things. For example, while taking orders, we learned how to take orders, carry plates, use a docket and deal with customers using cutlery, plates and dockets through role-playing. So we could practice taking orders as if in a real situation. And the good point of this practice was that we enjoyed doing it with the classmates. We helped each other and practised as there was no pressure of the real place. After this practical training I was ready to hand in my resume at work places with much more confidence than before.

Reception work placement at Holiday Inn Cairns Harbourside

Next, I want to tell you about training at real places such as a café and a hotel. We did barista training at CCEB Café using the coffee machine and serving coffees to students. We could drink the coffee we made to check the taste. That encouraged us to study harder. And also we did a practical hospitality training at Holiday Inn Cairns Harbourside. There are enthusiastic staff members and a good atmosphere at the hotel. I thought I would like to work with them after a day full of training. I asked my teacher to contact them for a work placement. Fortunately, I got that chance to do work placement as a receptionist. It was a good experience for me since I want to find a job as a receptionist in Australia.
Last but not least, I’m going to tell you about our wine tasting event. That was a really great opportunity to offer customer service to guests, as we organized the event ourselves and showed the skills which we learned before, one of them being wine pouring. We saw that customers were enjoying it and smiling all the time. We saw in on the faces of our customers that they were pleased with our service. I learned that it was the most important feeling in customer service. In addition, I also learned that customer service is offered not only by one staff member but more importantly, the staff working together as a team.

In conclusion, this course gave us a lot of options in job searching. It’s quite good for people who think about working at places like restaurants, cafés or hotels, etc. Besides, we got some qualifications and certificates as well. This course can definitely help you a lot if you want to work in Australia.

Shogo Mizutani, JRP

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2 thoughts on “I absolutely loved Job Ready Program at CCEB!

  1. Now I understand you have a strong confidence to start your work. I’m interested in this course after reading your blog. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to find out about it.

  2. I want to know more about Job Ready Program. Your blog was very useful. I could understand about this program after reading your article. I am going to join this program next February. I can’t wait until next February. I hope you can get a good job.

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