Barista training at CCEB

Jun with his cappuccino

Did you know you can learn new skills at CCEB? Our college offers a course called Job Ready Program (formerly Customer Service Course) during which students acquire a number of hospitality skills, one of them being coffee making, which takes place at CCEB Cafe.

Anna presenting her cafe latte

Job Ready students learn how to make 5 most popular coffee types including cappuccino, flat white and cafe latte. They have two 1-hour practical sessions and can sign up for more training at the Cafe at breaktime. After they master making micro-foam and milk foam, they can play with latte art! Check out the footage from last Job Ready barista training 🙂


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One thought on “Barista training at CCEB

  1. I also want try café art. I like coffee. I always go to cafes after school with my friends. My favourite coffee drink is cafe latte.

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