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Recently, with my host mother  I went to Holloway’s Beach which is near the Cairns City. I know some beautiful beaches and places in Cairns but she took me a place where I had never been before. Holloway’s Beach is a beach which local people often visit. We had lunch a cafe in front of the beach. I was able to see beautiful palm trees and the ocean from my seat. And there was a playground nearby the cafe with some children playing there. The whole view was amazing. I really wanted to talk with her because we met after a long time. We talked about recent events, my school life and so on.

After having lunch, while we were walking on the beach, I came across an interesting thing. It was a green box. I asked my host mother about it. She explained it to me. The box was a street library with some books the inside. We can borrow any books we want. In other words, we can share books if we’d like to. After reading them, if we wanted to share the books that we didn’t need in our house, we could donate them to the public. Of course, we can read the books which someone else has donated, from the box as well.

When I heard about the box, I was surprised because in Japan, there aren’t such things as this one. When I open the box, I saw many kinds of books.  As far as I’m concerned, it is a good system and a refreshing idea. I have some reasons. For example, there’re books in my house which I haven’t read for a long time. I think that it is such a waste. After I read a book and I’d like to share the story or information, I can share them easily though the box. It is effective for both books and people. Moreover, it is interesting that we can find the box on the streets. In my case, I found the box in front of the beach. And the box looked fashionable and so cute. I wish our country had a street library system as well. Before opening the box, Japanese people must be excited about many kinds of books in there. We can read books anywhere and anytime. It is amazing!

Sayuri, Upper-Intermediate

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3 thoughts on “Street library

  1. I didn’t know such a kind of a street library. How wonderful! I totally agree that it’s really good idea to have the book boxes in Japan.

  2. I have never seen this type of library. Looks so funny !!
    If I can read English books very well, I would like to try to read.

  3. What a fantastic idea! I wish it could be implemented in my country as well. I also have books that I haven’t read in a long time and I would like to have more books in English.
    I visited a beach with my host mother as well, with your post you made think of that time. It was a beautiful memory, thank you for that.
    Great post and great pictures! 🙂

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