Wine Tasting at CCEB

Wine Tasting, which usually takes place in the 3rd week of a 4-week Job Ready Program, is an event thrown by a Job Ready class. It incorporates many of the skills Job Ready students have learned during their course, including customer service, wine knowledge and pouring, as well as kitchen hygiene. The students cook some delicious finger foods that go well with the wines they’ve chosen to be presented. You don’t have to be a chef as it is a perfect team-building exercise!

Wine Tasting a very popular event enjoyed by both CCEB students and teachers. Here’s a belated footage from the last Wine Tasting held at CCEB a couple of months ago. Thank you Job Ready class for throwing such a great event! 🙂

Preparation stage:

Wine Tasting event footage (Aug 25th 2018):

If you like wine or want to learn more about Australian wines, join CCEB’s Wine Tasting event which will take place on Friday 26th October.

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5 thoughts on “Wine Tasting at CCEB

  1. We can drink Australian wine, eat snacks from other countries and study about wine!!
    But we should take care of ourselves because we need to avoid drinking too much …

  2. I’m so excited to join the wine tasting event this Friday! It will be the first time for me, I would like to get to know about Australian wine more.

  3. It looks like fun!!
    I’m going to join Job Ready Program in February.
    I like wine, but I’ll not join this event because if I drink alcohol, my face becomes red…

  4. Actually, the participation cost was only $5 2 years ago and I heard that last year it was $7. Now it has increased to $10.
    Maybe it will be $20 next year haha
    Anyway, I’m looking forward to joining this activity. Please make me happy!

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