Did they say “right” or “light”?

Hello, my friend. Thank you for checking out my post. Today I’m writing about “pronunciation.”  It is as difficult for me as understanding a female mind. Just kidding!

Do you know “R” and “L” have  the same pronunciation in Japanese? So when Japanese people say  “light” and “right”, the words sound the same. I am always confused about pronunciation!

When I practiced pronunciation with my classmate Martina, she was always kinda laughing at me… I felt so embarrassed… If it was possible, I would like to forget it 😉

Now, I will give you some sentences to practice. Please check your pronunciation with your teacher.

1. The light on the right of his car is broken.

2. I will walk to work.

3. When I was nervous, I heard my heat beat hard.

4. He folded up his legs when he was holding a meeting.

5. Do you have any plans for the weekend ?

    Yes, I’m going to meet Mr.Meat.

6. When he read a long law, he sighed low.

7. He had to take a loan because he bought a big lawn.

8. Last night, we were walking on the curb and were trying to take a curve quickly.

9. She always locks her house with a rock.

10. My friend told me that bowling is boring.

How did you go with your pronunciation?

Jumpei, Intermediate A

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3 thoughts on “Did they say “right” or “light”?

  1. That’s an interesting post for us. Actually, I’m getting better at pronouncing ‘r’ and ‘l’. However, I’m facing a new problem.
    I can’t pronounce ‘she’, ‘see’ and ‘sea’ also ‘to’, ‘too’ and ‘two’ ‘want’ and ‘won’t’ as well.
    Pronunciation is the biggest problem for us, isn’t it?

  2. I totally agree with you, Jumpei. It’s a serious problem for Japanese. I need to improve my pronunciation, especially “R”, “L” and “V”, “B”.
    “Rome was not build in a day.”
    We will never give up and we can make progress step by step.

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