Hananingen: Humans with flowers

I would like to introduce ‘GANON Florist’. We can become ‘Hananingen’ that means human with flowers. You can choose one flower there. A staff member decides on the flower combination, so every time the flower arrangement will be different. Staff do your makeup and create a floral composition on your head, and then a professional cameraman takes your photos. While the staff member is making the composition on your head, you can’t see your appearance. That was exciting for me.

The first ‘GANON’ was produced in Hokkaido in Japan, but now they are also in Kyoto, Beppu, Tokyo, and Bangkok so the trend has been spreading outside Japan.

I had an amazing experience in Hokkaido and also Tokyo. I’ve become Hananingen twice as I thought it was professional and wonderful with a good atmosphere.

The purple flower of my choice was Vandas. The yellow flower is a Dancing lady orchid. The green leaves are Monstera.

I really expect that the art will spread worldwide, because it’s artistic and original. Everyone can be ‘Hananingen’, not just girls but also boys. If you go there, you can enter an awesome world and find your personal charm. Thank you for reading.

Yuki, Intermediate A




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