Have you ever eaten peanuts?

Hello, everyone. Do you eat peanuts and know the how to grow them?

I want to recommend a special shop. The name of the shop is Peanut Place. It mainly sells peanut products, for example hot Peanuts, peanut Ice cream and peanut cookies, etc. We can choose from a lot of peanut flavours. Peanuts are mixed with honey, sugar, and spices.

I recommend you have peanut ice cream. When I went there, I ate it. It was sweet and smelled good before going to the shop, I really enjoyed it. When I opened the ice cream, firstly I got a peanut smell. The texture of the peanut was strong, too. I only ate peanut ice cream, because I didn’t have enough money to buy any other peanuts foods.

The shop is located in Kennedy Highway, QLD, Australia. You can go there  by  car, I want to go there and eat  ice cream and try others.

Peanuts are a kind of beans but bigger than other beans. It’s beans so it can be in the soil. Beans of the peanuts is called goober. It’s not so big and easy to grow, so if you have time you can grow them.

After that, you can make for example peanut butter. It will be more delicious because you do all the things. I’m looking for dishes which include peanuts so if you know about a dish, please let me know in the comments.

Sei, Intermediate A

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3 thoughts on “Have you ever eaten peanuts?

  1. Oh! Peanut icecream! I have never tried it, but I would love to. Thanks for the idea, I’m quite far from Cairns, but maybe I can make it myself.
    Good post!

  2. Good information thanks Sei. I started home vegetable garden last week. Peanuts might be one of my family if I like it 🙂 Anyway I wanna go there.

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