My impressions after diving

Have you ever tried diving before? You must try it if you haven’t. But make sure you haven’t had a heart related disease or a spine surgery before.

If you can’t go diving, snorkelling will be an easier way to explore the reef.

I booked a trip from CCEB Travel on October 27th. It was a trip to Milln Reef for snorkeling and diving. We needed to arrive to port at 7:30am to take our ticket. After that we took a long boat ride to the first location, Moore Reef.

I went snorkelling first and I really had a great time, so relaxing and enjoyable. Floating in the ocean and watching the coral made me feel free and in harmony with nature. After I put on my fins, I felt that I could swim very fast and it was very easy to swim with them on. Just like I was a part of ocean.

After that we head to the second location, Milln Reef.  This time I went diving. After the instructor explained all the details that I had to pay attention to, he took me alone and we stayed 35 mins on the bottom of the ocean because I was the last one, the luckiest guy. When I arrived on the bottom of the sea, and really close to the coral and the fish, it was so beautiful and colourful. At the moment I didn’t want to blink my eyes, I didn’t want to miss anything I could see. They looked so comfortable in the ocean, I felt guilty of having seafood, trying to be vegan for just one moment.

These are my impressions after diving and snorkelling, although there were lots of beautiful corals and fishes, but the environment had been damaged. People don’t realise how important what they are doing now will really effect the ocean. If they have a chance to go such a diving once, I think that what they see can wake them up, to protect our environment. Coral needs very clean water and the right temperature. If there is something wrong, it can easily get affected by a bad situation. Not only coral, because everything is connected together.  If the coral is dead, some of the fish will not a find place to survive, like clown fish. That will be a huge loss for humans.

I really recommend that people go diving or snorkelling and find the beauty of the earth, learning more about it, especially learning how to respect different species.

Ben, Intermediate A

Check out my photo gallery below courtesy of Jamie Lin, a Reef Magic photographer:



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