Halloween in Tokyo

How did you celebrate Halloween? It was the first time for me to enjoy Halloween in Australia. We had an event and a costume competition at school. I dressed up as a policewoman for Halloween.

In Japan we didn’t celebrate Halloween before, however for young people it’s becoming one of popular annual events more than before, like Christmas or Valentine Day. They don’t care about the history or the meaning of Halloween. They just enjoy dressing up, putting on makeup and gathering together. It’s like a cosplay party. On the night of 31th October, there are so many people who dress up in Shibuya, especially the scramble intersection in front of Shibuya station.

I saw news about a Halloween event in Tokyo. Last weekend there was a Halloween event in Shibuya, during which a large number of people gathered and held a parade. Some of them turned riotous to the point that they turned the truck over and lay on its side!

Some people were already arrested for molesting. After this event, there was so much litter on the streets. They threw away it on the streets, not to trash bins. It’s such an embarrassing and stupid problem in Japan.

Some people picked up the rubbish the following day. I hope everyone enjoys the event peacefully this time and keeps good manners.

Yuko, Upper-Intermediate

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14 thoughts on “Halloween in Tokyo

  1. I think Halloween is an event that makes people happy because they can dress up for one day and made some friends. It is very good.

  2. Well, Halloween party in Japan has some problems, I think so too. Of course, some people enjoy it and to enjoy this event is a good thing but it is real that some of the participants don’t obey the rules of this event. They throw away rubbish and cans and cry out in a loud voice. These things are stupid, I think. So we need to apply new stronger rules to such people.

    1. K, thank you for your comment. It’s a really sad thing but I agree with your opinion. We need something to control such kinds of people…

  3. It is a common scene but it is difficult, so the people have to obey the law because Japan is well-known in the world as a clean country !

    1. Jumpei, I don’t want to disappoint foreign tourists. Until the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the number of foreign tourists will be increasing. It’s time to reflect on ourselves.

  4. I totally agree with you. Japanese people misunderstand the meaning of Halloween. Of course, before coming to Cairns, I also didn’t know about that. However, recently, I learned about Halloween in the class. Then I found out a lot of details about it. I suppose that Japanese people should learn about Halloween.

    1. SAyuri, now we know about the history and meaning 🙂 We can tell our friends the story about Halloween to enjoy all events of Halloween.

  5. Your costume was cute and sexy!

    Actually, I lived in Tokyo for about 3 and half years. However, I didn’t join the Halloween party in Shibuya, because it was really crowded there.

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