Scary Halloween cookies

Our college prides itself on providing a free after school activity every day. A couple of weeks ago, a group of CCEB students baked and decorated Halloween cookies after school. This fun activity was not only yummy but also absolutely free to those who had signed up for it.

In order to find out what activity has been planned for you on a given day, type ‘calendar’ in the search bar on this blog or, if you’re a student already, ask for your copy at reception. All you have to do next is to sign up on Facebook and… enjoy!


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2 thoughts on “Scary Halloween cookies

  1. I participated in the Halloween activity. Recently, I miss joining in activities more and more. Actually, I want to do them, yet, I have already done some of them in the past. So the Halloween activity was so interesting for me because of never joining it.

  2. Hi, I’m Sei.
    I joined the cooking club last time. I regretted I hadn’t joined it the first time. It had already finished the sign ups because it was full. We made cookies and decorated any other cookies.
    Before making them, I thought it’s difficult to cook but actually it’s easy. There were only five ingredients and the way to make cookies was easy too. After the cooking club I made the same cookies in my share house. Using oven was a little bit difficult but my share mate helped me. Finally I made very nice cookies . I thought it’s more delicious than to buy them outside. I really enjoyed it and I want to join the cooking club next time. If you hold the next club, please give us easy recipes to make.

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