Children’s sayings

I’d like to introduce some children’s sayings. When I worked in a kindergarten, my children said unexpected things. I want to share them with everyone.

  1. During lunch time, a child: “Who made your lunch?”

I: ”My mother made my lunch.”

A child: “Do you have a mother?”

I: “Yes, I do.”

A child: “Are you lying?”

I: “No, I’m not. A teacher has a mother and a father, same as children.”

A child: “I didn’t know that.”

A lot of children thought that teachers don’t’t have parents. It was an interesting thing.

  1. Before getting back home, a child: “After we get back home, what will you do?”

I: “At first, I’m going to clean the room. And I’m going to prepare for tomorrow’s class. Then I get back home.” A child: “No! Your home is this room, isn’t it?”

I: “A teacher’s home in at another place.”

  1. A brown toy house which looked like a shed was at the playground.

A boy: “When do I play outside?”

I: “If all of your classmates come to the class, we will go there.”

A boy: “I want to play in that chocolate house!!”

He thought that the toy house was made of chocolate. When I heard his cute saying, I felt warmth.

  1. Children visited a fire station.

Children listened to a fireman explaining how to use fire equipment in case of fire breaks out. Then a boy saw something and said to the fireman.

A boy: “You are sweating. I will give my handkerchief.”

He took his handkerchief out and handed it to the fireman.

The fireman: “Thank you very much.”

What a kind thing to do.

  1. A day of one night sleepover at kindergarten. Before going to bed, a girl said: “I wonder what my brother is doing now? He is preparing to go to bed, isn’t he?”

I: “I’m sure your brother is preparing to go to bed.”

She missed her family because it was her first sleepover . Eventually, she was able to sleep soundly. The sleepover made her grow up as a person.

  1. A sport event.

Before running a relay, the children were standing in a line.

Child A: “Let’s do our best!!”

Child B: “Yes, I’m sure we’ll win!!”

They encouraged each other. During the third year of kindergarten their relationship was already growing strong.

  1. A music recital day.

In the morning, during preparations for the music recital.

A girl: “Sayuri teacher!”

I: “Yes.”

A girl: “Are you putting on makeup today?”

I: “Yes, I am.”

A girl: “Today’s teacher is cute.”

I: “Thank you!”

Conversely, it’s interesting she notices my looks every day, I thought to myself.

  1. One summer day, a boy saw that some classmates weren’t wearing the hats and were playing outside on the playground.

A boy: “Although it is very warm , they aren’t wearing their hats. If you don’t wear your hats, you can get a heatstroke.”

He advised them to wear their hats.

  1. Tidying up time.

I: “It’s packing up time! Can you tidy up well?”

A boy: “Yes, I’m a powerful man!”

A girl: “My eye is like acorns!!”

I: “It’s amazing!!”

They tidied up voluntarily. Well done, children!!

Children always make me excited and happy. I was given a lot of creative ideas by them. All of the memories are my treasures. I love them! I hope that I want to engage in the teaching profession again.

Sayuri, Upper-Intermediate

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2 thoughts on “Children’s sayings

  1. The children’s sayings are so cute. I kept smiling while reading the post. I think you did happy work when you lived in Japan. If you go back to Japan, will you continue that work?

  2. Congratulations on your graduation Sayuri.
    Sometimes children’s sayings make us think about that. It is very interesting. We are very sure, however we sometimes don’t know why it is. One of my students said that when he had lost his wallet, he had been scolded by his mom. He said “I’m already so sad because of losing my wallet. Why my mom made me sadder.”
    I understood what he wanted to say. If I become a father, I will say “Don’t be so sad, I will buy new one and please take good care of it”

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