Hello, my friend!! Thank you for checking out my post. How was your weekend? I didn’t go anywhere because I was writing an article about a game.

So, today I’m writing about “TRPG”. Do you know it? It is ‘Table Talk Role Playing Game’. This game is privately popular in Japan.  When you play this, you need to prepare a pencil, a special dice and a positive mind because you can do everything in this game! So, please don’t be shy when you are playing. Maybe most people don’t know about the special dice because the ordinary dice has numbers from 1 to 6 but the TRPG one has many numbers. Also, you need to prepare a game book because this book will have a lot of information about many things, for example, how to play and information about different things but it is expensive. When I bought some TRPG books on the website, I paid approximately $90 in total.

There are many sorts of TRPG, for example “Call of Cthulhu” is horror game. We become investigators and look for everything. If you are a lucky person, you can avoid fighting something. If you are not, you will die because of a mythical monster. Good luck! If you like to act violently, I recommend “SATASUPE”. You become “Akyou (like a hooligan)” and act violently in Osaka after WW2. You can do everything, for example commit a robbery, murder, transport drugs, etc. If you have luck, you will be rich or infamous!

I think TRPG is a good speaking activity because this game doesn’t use a TV; it’s only speaking! So it is good for you. If you play with someone, there’s a chance you’ll make friends! If you would like to play, please call me. I will bring this great and funny world to play with you. Have a good game!

Jumpei, Upper-Intermediate

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  1. I finally found an article which I haven’t commented on yet…
    I also love TRPG, especially board games. I brought one of my favorite one called ‘Saboteur’. I played it with my classmates and it was so amazing. It definitely improves our English skills and relationships.

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