Love shooting guns

Look, look! It’s my target. Woohoo! I’m a good sniper!

I do like shooting guns. When I was a child, I belonged to an Archery Club. The archery had a 70 m range for girls. I really liked it when I was focusing on targets. The cover photo is of me when I was a high school student.

I have visited the gun shooting range CRM GUNSPORTS in Cairns twice. The gun shop has heaps of various equipment. All the guns were heavy and bounced up while I was sniping. I want to shoot 44 Magnum again.

Below is a video in which you can see me shoot guns.

Yuki Kai, Upper-Intermediate

Posted by Yuki Kai on Sunday, November 11, 2018


Thank you for reading, guys.

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One thought on “Love shooting guns

  1. I wasn’t interested in gun shooting before reading your article. Please tell me what is the appeal of gun shooting for you. I might try it in Cairns depending on your answer and how much it costs haha.

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