My feat at CCEB

Hi guys, I’m Yuya. I hope this article encourages you, and especially those of you who study in Elementary or Pre-Intermediate Class. When I meet new Japanese students, they often ask me which class I am in. Then I answer ‘I’m in Advanced Class’ to which they probably say ‘You are so smart.’

However, they don’t know that I started in Elementary Class. I joined CCEB in October 2016 and graduated from Upper-Intermediate in February 2017. It took me approximately 5 months. After graduating from my University and quitting my job, I came back to CCEB like a boomerang. I started from Upper-Intermediate again, moved to High Upper-Intermediate in 2 weeks and I levelled up to Advanced Class last month. I spent about 6 months to level up from Elementary to Advanced class. I just want to say if you are in Elementary, don’t lose your confidence as you can still go to an Advanced class. If your starting class is Pre-Intermediate, you already have better English than I did when I started my studies at CCEB. It is not impossible to graduate from an Advanced Class even if you are in Elementary. I proved it to be possible. Actually I have 8 more months in CCEB, so I’ll keep studying harder. Please consult me when you feel uncomfortable or unhappy. I might be able to help you.

Yuya Yamaguchi, Advanced Class

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2 thoughts on “My feat at CCEB

  1. When I enrolled in CCEB, my first class was in Elementary class as well. I didn’t understand everything, what I should do, what the teacher said and what my friends said. I’m still learning English at CCEB the same as you. I want to go to Advanced class like you.

  2. Yuya.
    This Tuesday when I got to the blogging class, I didn’t know what to write about. I reviewed someone’s post and I could read stories related to other countries or abilities which other CCEB students have. A few people wrote about the process of improving their skills while studying at CCEB. Maybe it’s considered less important but in your case it was different. You (I suppose) tried to give us hope telling us that your progress was directly associated with your effort. Your stay at CCEB shows us that taking in a language is complicated but the time doesn’t matter and that everyone can reach their goals.
    Thanks for your thoughts.

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