Face to face vs group lessons

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Today, I’m writing about lesson styles. Have you ever had a face to face lesson? I joined it in the Philippines when I was studying English there for a month. It was so nice because when I had any question, I was able to ask my teacher straightaway and I was able to focus on my lesson. Actually, I don’t like group lessons because I’m not able to ask the teacher my questions. When I did, my friend said “I can’t say I approve of your opinion because you know, everyone has a different personality, so one student may ask a question immediately while another one prefers to ask questions after class.” I know after all, it depends on us. There are some advantages and disadvantages, for example, during a face to face lesson you’re able to focus on the lesson with your teacher but if you didn’t review the material, you would be able to do the same lesson with your teacher. During group lessons is you can share your knowledge and opinions but you might spend a huge amount of time on what you have already learned, and conversely, if you didn’t understand it, you wouldn’t be able to understand it now because your teacher can’t just focus on you only .

As I told you before, I don’t like group lessons. We study at the same level and the topics someone can understand completely but others might not understand anything at all. In my case, it’s the latter.

What do you think? Please tell me what you prefer.

Jumpei, Upper-Intermediate

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One thought on “Face to face vs group lessons

  1. I definitely prefer group lessons to face to face lessons. One of the reasons why is that I’m a competitive person. If someone in my group already has some knowledge, I will try to remember on that day. Furthermore, I’m able to learn not only from teachers but also from other students. In addition, talking with friends is one of the most important ways to improve speaking and to review what you have learned.

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