Wooroonooran Safaris

Thanks CCEB Travel for organizing this activity, which I enjoyed a lot. It was a good trip and a fantastic connection with nature. I saw crocodiles, had some delicious Italian food and went on a beautiful walk. I had a good experience learning about the history of Aboriginal people in Cairns with a Spanish guide.

We left out at 8:30 am on the bus with 7 people from France, Uruguay and Taiwan. We visited few incredible sites: Babinda Boulders which is a site of Aboriginal Legend, highlights of Wooroonooran National Park and Josephine Falls which are  the huge cascades beneath Qld’s highest mountain. We also joined a crocodile spotting river cruise and had lunch in the best Italian restaurant: the lunch was hot buffet with pasta, meats, vegetables, salads, pizza & desserts.

It was an amazing day during which we enjoyed the most beautiful landscapes of Cairns which were so lovely that we were  never forget them.

Our itinerary  for that day was the following:

First, we stopped to spot some kangaroos. The guide explained a lot to us all the time, and gave heaps of  information about everything. We took tonnes of  pictures and videos, too.

After that, we visited the National Park , wow it was amazing! I enjoyed connecting with  nature and beautiful landscape. In the park we saw the oldest Australian tree and we learned about the botanical species of Australia.

Then we went to Josephine Falls which is a place is located at the foot of Queensland’s Tallest Mountain. We sow beautiful waterfalls flowing. We walked to a series of cascading waterfalls and learned about the features of a rainforest. We saw rainforest trees hanging over the water and the Australia’s oldest palm.

If you haven’t been to Wooroonooran Safaris, you should definitely book your trip with CCEB Travel.

Karol Lisseth Gamboa Pallares, Intermediate Class


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