The Great Barrier Reef

When I saw “Finding Nemo”, I thought, “Wow, the imagination of the cartoonist is great because the fish have personalities and are real!”. This film made me remember an expression that says “the reality beats the fiction” but inside me I believed that the original would be much more spectacular.

Cairns is known as the door to the reefs so when I arrived here, I put it on my bucket list. In fact, last Saturday I took the Ocean Spirit Boat to see the awesome underwater world. After two hours of travel, the view was incredible: the sea surrounded us, white sand was a few meters away and the sun was shining bright.

Now it was the time for a test. Yooyi’s instructions took fifteen minutes and then we began to fell more and more keen about the idea. I was super excited because it was my first time diving but I was also nervous about what I could find.

Once submerged, I saw that the reality did beat the fiction. The colors in the movie did not compare; the coral was bigger than on the screen and the sensation of happiness was simply indescribable.

I hope that you, Dear Reader, can enjoy it, too.

See you there.

Julian Bravo, Pre-Intermediate A

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