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My favourite hobby is volleyball but I prefer beach volleyball because, in my opinion, it makes you play more, you need to be smarter and have more fun. Beach volleyball is intelligent and strategic. The difference between indoor volleyball is that in that style the idea is to attack as hard as you can whereas in beach volleyball you use the attack but not all the time. You use the touch of line and diagonally too. I prefer beach volleyball because it’s faster and more demanding than other styles. I used to train a lot in Colombia but I had to stop because of my travel to Cairns.


A beach volleyball match consists of 2 sets of 3, one set finishes when a team scores 21 points; you can’t touch the net or drop the ball.

Many countries have very good players, but I think than the best players in the world are from South America, especially Brazil and Chile.

Two weeks ago a world championship was held in Qatar-Doha which was a FIVB 4 stars, the second most important championship in the world. 30 countries and the best players participated in the championship and the best team was Chilean’s Cousins Grimalt in a final against the American’s Lucena and Dalhausser. With that victory the Chilean’s have the opportunity to play in the Olympic Games 2020.

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  1. Julian
    It’s true what you said about the cousin Grimalt. Unfortunately for Chile, they are the exception from the rule because in my country it’s very difficult to be an elite athlete.

    There is not a law which promotes athletes, only the families that have resourses have the real opportunity to pursue a professional career.

    It’s for this reason that some sports don’t have much coverage and volleyball is one of them.
    Football is the most popular sport in Chile because it is cheaper than others. In fact, the last achievements which are remembered are winning the American Cup for the football selection against Argentina.

    Although Chile has achievements in other areas, tennis players, gymnasts are some runners are memorable but there aren’t many of them.

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