The way you study should be…

Hi, I’m Yuya from Advanced class. I want to tell you about the “real study.”

“Almost all the study methods you have learned from school are wrong.” How do you feel when you hear this phrase? This is quoted from the book written by one of my favourite mentalists. Does he exaggerate too much? Unfortunately, it is an accomplished fact.

Teachers are professionals of teaching, however, they’re not professionals of studying or learning. Whether you are able to study efficiently or not, depends on how you work after school.

Do you always highlight or underline in your notebook? Psychologists call highlighting and underlining, “Just a consolation.” You can figure out the important words or sentences, yet, the problem is whether or not your brain processes what you highlight. This seems really meaningless and similar to organizing your notebook to your satisfaction. You should be able to put into practice what you have learned in your class. I’d say that organising your notes, copying sentences and listening to what teachers say are not studying. They’re just preparation for studying. There are more significant things you have to accomplish. The most important things are to remember and use them in your life. Passive studying doesn’t work very well. Don’t intend to study. Your final result always shows the truth. And, practice lies easily if you practice recklessly.

Yuya, Cambridge Advanced

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