It is never too late to come back to school; we now feel 20 years old.

After a long flight from Santiago de Chile, we fulfilled our desire to go to Australia.

We first arrived in Sydney; a cosmopolitan city, which is very interesting with a lot of tourist movement. After a 5-day stay in Sydney, we took a flight to Cairns, which was our main destination because we had been invited by our niece to visit this beautiful city. We are also able to be participating in an English course for four weeks.

Upon our arrival we could see that it is a relatively small city but has great tourist activities and an intense student life. The city itself is very clean, orderly, and with excellent road infrastructure. The city has a vibrant social life and many free activities. It is a place of great joy and has a very affable and generous atmosphere towards visitors. The beauty of the coastal area, It is outstanding both in the esplanade area and Lagoon and at the marina where there are many boats and yachts in front of a large bay.

The day after our arrival in Cairns we started our classes at CCEB where they received us with a lot of love and willingness, making our study and community life at school much easier and more enjoyable. The hospitality and cooperation of the teachers and administrative staff is extraordinary.

Sharing with young people from different parts of the world, despite the language difficulties, is very entertaining and enriching, for which we are very grateful and happy about our stay here.

Apart from our studies, we have participated in an extensive social life with students and teachers. We have participated in the Pizza nights organized by the school in a neighboring pub called the Woolshed, where we have really enjoyed ourselves dancing and talking with students of different ages and levels, and local Australians.

We are the oldest ones at CCEB school and in the Pub (Woolshed), in our 70s and 80s and with this experience we can say that it is never too late to come back to school. This is an invaluable and remarkable experience that we will never forget as we now feel 20 years old. The institute and the students are recharging our energy and we are not only learning English, but also learning from different cultures and amazing people and nature.

So far, we have also gone to some places in the city such as the botanical gardens and a boat trip across the bay, and we even participated in a radio program- another experience we have not had until now.

We are sure we will continue enjoying the city of Cairns and get to know the beauty of Queensland.

We invite everyone who is young-at-heart to join this experience and come to Cairns College of English to study and rejuvenate their souls.

Margarette Bucher and Washington Wells, Students from Chile

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