Cambridge Advanced class graduated!

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Hey guys! We might not be that familiar to you, due to that face that we were enclosed in room 18 with our gold mine of a teacher Nina. We want to express our gratitude to and admiration for Nina, because she supported us no matter how immature we were.

Not only has she taught us vocabulary till our minds overloaded, but she was also able to motivate us after poor test performances.

When I look at all your faces, there is strong bond because of the adventures we experienced and the friendships that were built. May they last forever. When we look back at our time in this marvellous place, we think about: our nights raving on the dance floor at the Woolshed, the pain we had to endure after getting hit by paintballs, the rocks and caves we´ve climbed in the Outback, the sights we saw while immersing ourselves in the Great Barrier Reef, all the times we heard the sizzling of a good steak on the BBQ, the endurance of lessons on proposals, the cheers we had at the Trinity Inlet, the beaches we’ve walked on without getting stung by jellyfish or eaten by a saltie, the waterfalls in the Atherton Tablelands we came across, the money we gambled at the casino, the soccer games we played, the fierce competition there was to get Tim-tams, and last but not least, the hard graft we put in to get our certificates.

Now it is time to say good bye, but more crucially thank you. Thank you for all the hours of joy and also for the opportunity to experience an unknown culture and way of living. A special thanks goes out to CCEB and its industrious staff for bringing people from all walks of life together, moreover, for the Ping-Pong games we have played, the orange t-shirts we received, the organisation of our trips, and just for making our coffees in the morning. Our special thanks and admiration goes out to Nina. She managed to fulfil her task and prepared us for the exam, but she could also bear our immature behaviour and everyone’s consistent lateness. In these twelve weeks, you were not only a teacher but also a friend and role model that we learned to greatly appreciate. And now it’s time to thank my classmates Melina, Jonathan, Yuya, Fabian, Ben and Samuele; despite all the squabbles we had, we became close friends and I am very thankful for that. That is all I have to say for now. See you tonight at the Woolshed and peace out.


Gian Neher of Switzerland

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