First days in Australia

Hi, I am Margarette Bucher.

My husband and I came from Chile. We lived in the capital. We arrived in Sydney on the 21st  May. We were there for five days. Then we traveled in an aeroplane to Cairns. It is the first time that I have visited Australia. I am very happy and enjoying it.

Sydney is a beatiful city. During my stay I visited several places. On the first day I took a sightseeing tour around different  neightborhoods; I got off the bus at the Sea Aquarium, the Museum of Madam Tussauds, the Harbour Bridge and in Bondi, the most important beach in Sydney. On the other days, we went on a tour of the Opera House and afterwards visited the Fish Market for lunch.

Also, we took a night cruise by boat in Darling Harbour. We saw laser beams at VIVID which was a nice experience for me.

I like plants so much and that’s why I visited the Botanic Garden and the Hay Garden; I walked so much, several kilometres across the city.

Another day, we went to Katoomba, a place near Sydney. We took the railway, the sky way and the train way and we saw the cliffs, an ancient forest and a deserted coal mine. Also, we did some hiking in the Blue Mountains.

Our stay in Sydney was very pleasurable, with very good weather.

Margarette, Pre-Intermediate

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2 thoughts on “First days in Australia

  1. Hello, Margarette. I’m always happy when we have a chat at school.
    You told us that it is never too late to come back to school. You are like our teacher who experienced longer life but now also one of our lovely classmates.
    I worked at a junior high school as a teacher in Japan for 3 years before I came here. At first, I saw many young Japanese at CCEB and I was ashamed. I became a student again and felt in a negative way. However, when I first saw you at school, my negative feeling disappeared. I got confidence again to study hard. I didn’t have to feel ashamed. I can challenge anything any time.
    In addition, you are not alone. You have your husband here! It’s amazing. You two understand each other, travel and always study together. I think that is a beautiful life. I would like to continue trying many things like you. Thank you.

  2. what an amazing picture you have! it seems like it has been an enjoyable trip so far! I hope you have many great experiencies during your time over there.

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