My first impressions of Australia

I am Washington Wells Merino and I come from Chile. I want to tell you about my trip to Australia.

My wife and I had wanted came to Australia for two years to find out about this beautiful country and learn some English. I arrived in Cairns just yesterday and started my study. Last night we visited the Lagoon and walked down some streets but we don’t know the city yet. My first day at school was interesting but also a bit stressful because I’m not good at speaking or listening and understanding what people are saying. I hope to improve it.

When we arrived  in Sydney, we went on a city tour and we were be able to visit the Opera House and admire the Harbour Bridge. At night we went to dinner and had a beer. I am impressed with these buildings which were made with the energy, wealth and power of the people of Australia. We visited the Blue Mountains. What a beautiful landscape!

Washington, Pre-Intermediate

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One thought on “My first impressions of Australia

  1. I’ts nice to read that you have already experience great things while in Australia. I am from Chile as well and I know for a fact that you will soon get used to school and your skills will improve a lot. Just take advantage of after school activities (I highly recommend blogging club) and get out to discover the city 🙂

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