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My name is Valentina Moreno. I’ve been doing an internship at CCEB Travel Desk for two months. As part of the internship, I went to the reef with one of the best boats that we have here in Cairns to go snorkelling and diving. I was lucky enough to have the company of 2 amazing people on this tour – our guests from a Chilean travel agency, Dayan and Nelson! They came here on a business trip to promote their agency and get to know Australian language colleges, so CCEB wanted to give them the opportunity to experience the most famous tourist site in Cairns – The Great Barrier Reef.

Dreamtime is a unique educational Great Barrier Reef experience, incorporating the world’s oldest living culture and the stories traditional Aboriginal owners have passed down over tens of thousands of years. They brought us to two premium outer reef sites, Moore and Milln Reefs, where we had the opportunity to explore the underwater world. Although our tour included all the snorkel equipment, a glass bottom boat experience, an incredible buffet lunch and a guided snorkel with a qualified marine biologist, the best thing was definitely the crew because they taught us about their Aboriginal culture. We learned how to play their instruments, and about their totems and why these things are so important in their culture. Also, they were really friendly and work with a lot of passion – I remember one crew member showed me a book about his family and ancestors.

We didn’t have the best weather but it wasn’t an obstacle to snorkelling or appreciating the beautiful coral and fish. The Dreamtime staff were always nearby to help you, and they also have floating rest stations around the area where you can take a rest at any time. It is very environmentally aware because it prevents tired snorkelers from standing on and damaging the coral. After all, it is also the visitors’ responsibility to keep in its current pristine condition!

At the end of the day, Dayan and Nelson told me that the experience was incredible – they loved Cairns and the awesome Great Barrier Reef! Both of them recommend visiting Australia, coming to our school, and doing this tour – so we hope they can come back and visit us again!

Valentina Moreno Reyes – IELTS class

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  1. Amazing experience!! I really want to get like this experience and also get a job this cool lol. I didn’t know that we can learn about Aboriginal culture on their boat.

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