Okonomiyaki Party

On Saturday, I had an Okonomiyaki party at the Lagoon with my friends.Okonomiyaki is one of famous delicious Japanese foods. It is made of flour, eggs, dashi and cabbage. We mix and bake them. Before we eat, we put sauce and mayonnaise on top of it.

I planned this party with 5 of my friends who joined CCEB on the same day. We are all Japanese; close and good friends. We invited our own friends. Eventually, we had over 20 friends.

First, we got together and made a list of ingredients and utensils. On Friday, we collected 5 dollars each and went shopping. I went to Rusty’s market to buy 3 big cabbages. I had never seen such a big cabbage in my country before.

On Saturday morning, some of my friends came to my sharehouse to help cut the cabbage together with me. It took us 1 hour to finish cutting all the cabbages. Now we had 3 big bags of cut cabbage. When we arrived at the Lagoon, I could see many friends waiting already. It was a good opportunity to make new friends. We all enjoyed cooking Okonomiyaki. We had invited foreign friends, too. Many of them had never tried Okonomiyaki. Our Okonomiyaki became their first experience. Everybody told us, “It’s delicious.” I was happy to hear that and proud of my country.

I appreciate all my friends who came to the party. Thank you for this wonderful time together. This is one of my favorite memories in Australia.

Ayano Ochiai, Upper-Intermediate

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