My first diving experience

I took an open water diving course last weekend. Before that, I had never experienced diving. So everything was fresh and new for me. I was really excited.

On the first day, we saw videos demonstrating how to learn skills and gain knowledge of diving. Then we did some exercises in the pool. It was hard but I enjoyed it and didn’t have any problems. The following day, we had an exam and pool practice again. I passed the exam. On the third day, we went on a cruise to do some practice under the sea. However, on the way to the reef, I got terribly seasick. I got medicine after the boat left but it was too late. I couldn’t stand up by myself and speak well. When we arrived to the reef, everybody was getting ready to go diving. I still felt really sick. Even under the circumstances, I tried to get ready and went into the sea. When I reached the bottom, 6 meters deep, I realized I couldn’t breathe well. I didn’t know what to do and put out my BCD, the oxygen mask and went up to the surface. I was alive but I felt I had almost died. That was the scariest feeling I’ve ever had in the ocean. My condition was still bad. Of course, I couldn’t continue the training. Then the teacher decided to give me another chance the following weekend.

When it came, on Saturday, I joined the pool practice again with the new students. Last time, we were a group of 8 but this time, only 6 including me. That was good for everybody. At first, even though I was in the pool, I felt scared. Gradually, I overcame my fear and didn’t have any problems. The following day, we went on the cruise. This time, I took medicine beforehand so I didn’t get seasick. When we arrived to the reef, I could get ready with other students together. I could reach the bottom of the sea. We practiced clearing the mask and recovering the oxygen. I did it quite well. Unfortunately, suddenly, I remembered the bad experience from the previous weekend. I got really scared and went up to the surface by myself. The teacher told me that I can’t go up to the surface without emergency reasons. I couldn’t continue with other students so I practiced snorkeling.

The following day, the teacher let me join an intro dive because all I needed to have was just more experience. My skills were not the problem so I joined the intro dive. I could dive for 25 minutes, 10 meters deep. I was still experiencing fear but I did it! In the afternoon, the instructor took me for the last dive. It was like a private lesson. I could take my time and keep my pace and dive for 25 minutes, 12 meters deep. Finally, he gave me a scuba license. It was not open water but I’m still satisfied; it’s better than nothing.

I had lots of trouble during those 6 days so the crew remembered me and they helped me a lot. I was a little popular on the boat. I was ashamed a little but I realized that I’m not alone all the time and if I continue trying again and again, someone will eventually give me a hand. All the people who helped me were so kind and nice. Also many of my friends encouraged me. I appreciate all of them. Now I could not only get the certified card, but also touch the beautiful warm hearts of the people around me.


Ayano Ochai, Upper-Intermediate

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