My life in Cairns

My first experience of the city and the school was positive, and after all these days that I have been here, I think that both the city and the school and the social life are even better.

The natural scenery is amazing.

Last Saturday I saw the mountains, lakes, and small villages. We went by car, along a beuatiful road, and despite the fact that the weather was not good sometimes rainy and cold,  it was possible to walk and see small kangaroos among the branches of the high trees (at the top of them) called tree kangaroos.

While we were walking, suddenly the sun shone and we could watch a beautiful rainbow.

On Sunday, we went to Kuranda village, by Skyrail  and came back to Cairns by train.

Washington, Pre-Intermediate

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We are teachers and students at the Cairns College of English and Business (CCEB). How lucky are we to work and study in the Australian Wet Tropics with the world's oldest rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef at our doorstep! We would like to share our happy posts with the world! Welcome to the CCEB space eveyone.

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