Rainforestation Nature Park in Kuranda

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My name is Valentina Velez. I’m a Colombian learning English at CCEB College. Recently, I’ve started doing an internship in the travel agency, where I got the chance to explore Kuranda and the Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience with Tropic Wings’ Agency and with the company of two other interns.

We started the journey in a comfortable bus that drove us on a highly curved road to Kuranda, which is located just 40 minutes from Cairns.  The road was in perfect condition and we could enjoy the view. When we arrived at Rainforestation Nature Park it was pretty empty so we could appreciate the wildlife in an almost-private tour.

It was the first time for me to feed Wallabies. I’d seen many before near my house in Trinity Beach, but I hadn’t been so close to them. We also had the opportunity to see other local animals like crocodiles, koalas, dingoes and a cassowary but honestly I’m not a fan of “zoos”, so the part that I enjoyed the most was the contact with Aboriginal culture, and there was plenty of that in this trip!

We learned how to throw a boomerang, saw a native person playing the didgeridoo, and learned how the Aborigines used to hunt dinner with spears. We also saw and danced in the Pamagirri Dance Performance, and walked on a guide tour through the rainforest learning about the traditional plants and fruits. Then we painted our own unique souvenir – an Aboriginal canvas – using traditional techniques!

After all of that we went to Kuranda and walked around the local market for a while before coming back to Cairns. It´s very interesting to look back and remember all that we did in just one day! As I see it, if you want to get in touch with the Aboriginal culture of Australia- this is the best way to do it.

Valentina Velez, Intermediate

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