Sweet Planet

Hi, my name is Kanna. I went to Sweet Planet last Sunday. This is a cafe my friend told me about. I went there for the first time.

The store was stylish with a good atmosphere. I ordered hot chocolate and chocolate waffles. As you can see, I like chocolate so I’m happy about anything with it.

My friend Minakao ate melon parfait and cheesecake waffles. Everything was delicious. It was a very happy time and it passed so fast.

It’s a really nice shop and it’s become my favourite! I want to recommend it to if you like sweets. If you like fruit and sweets, you’ll like it.

Kanna, Pre-Intermediate


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2 thoughts on “Sweet Planet

  1. Hi! Kanna! I’m Minakao;)
    We had a good time there.
    You are mistaken! I didn’t eat cheesecake waffles. I ate only melon parfait!
    But I want to eat cheesecake waffles!! You should go there again with me!

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