My first drive in Australia

Everybody knows if you want to live or travel in Australia, having a car is necessary because Australia is a huge country. My country (Taiwan) is a small island and a lot of people use a scooter rather than a car.

But how to drive a car in Australia? You can use an  international driver’s  licence and rent a car or translate your driver’s licence into English. I chose to have my Taiwanese driver’s licence recognised in Australia. It’s  not difficult, all need you is to prepare your personal file and go to the Department of Transport.

In Australia, the car traffic is left-sided and it’s different from my country, so sometimes I get confused and drive on the wrong side. Thank God I am still alive.

If you want to rent a car in Australia, it is very easy and cheap, you can book on the website and use a credit card to pay your fees.

I think driving a car in Australia is very comfortable because there are not too many cars on the roads and you can see a lot of beautiful scenery. I remember my first  drive in Australia –  I saw the beautiful sunset and a wild wallaby eating grass. It was absolutely amazing.

Darren, Pre-Intermediate

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One thought on “My first drive in Australia

  1. Hi! I’m Minakao! I’m from Japan.
    In Japan, the car traffic is left-sided. It’s the same in Australia. Maybe I can drive easisly.
    But I don’t have international driver’s licence and my driving is very bad. So I should get international driver’s licence and I should work on my driving.

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