DOS and DON’TS in Chile

As part of their weekly speaking assessment, CCEB students are sometimes asked to prepare PowerPoint presentations on various topics. This week, Pre-Intermediate B students were studying modal verbs and they had to make a presentation about rules and traditions in a country  their choice. Carolina prepared a very amusing presentation about her home country, Chile. See her presentation below:

You mustn’t leave late, but… you always leave late.

You have to greet people with a kiss or they will think that you are angry.

If you support a football team, you should support the Teleton. Teleton is an event where money is raised to help children with physical disabilities.

You mustn’t drive more than 50 km/h in the city.

If you don’t want to say what your baby’s father is, you can say that your child is a child of Trauco. Trauco is a small man of only 80 cm, with a manly but ugly face. He however has a special sweet look that attracts women. He sleeps with them and when they return home, they realize they are pregnant.

If you have a relative in prison, you can say that your relative is in Canada. In Chile, a prison is called “cana”, so that it sounds prettier, one says: “My relative is in Canada.”

If you pass salt from hand to hand you will have a fight with the person

And you must know the scream of the country:

“Chi – chi – chi

Le – le – le

Viva Chile”

Carolina, Pre-Intermediate

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