My first barista training

Kotomi on the left

Hi, Justyna here. I’ve asked my Job Ready students about their first impressions of barista training which is a part of the course. This is what they said:

Kotomi on making cappuccino: 
Cappuccino has plenty of milk foam… and it could’ve been great but… OMG! I produced a wonderful flat white lol. Who would have thought it would go that way? My teacher laughed and praised me for making a great the flat white, ha ha!
Juan packing a group handle
Kotomi on coffee service:
A student who was nearby drank my flat white (cappuccino). The student told me many times “It’s delicious!!” Her smile and words made me very happy. And that was an unforgettable experience for me. I know now that I need to practice more basic milk making 🙂
Camilo with his amazing latte
Check out Camilo’s latte art!

Job Ready course has been a great experience as we have been developing our skills and abilities in the area of hospitality. Justyna has been a great teacher, who has given us the tools to learn and practice so far in the art of being a barista, kitchen and wait staff. As I mentioned, work in hospitality is an art and requires a lot of practice. For example, in this barista training we have had the possibility to practice this art many times, and every time we get closer to the perfection that customers are looking for. Justyna has a lot of patience and she spends a lot of time teaching us with the best attitude. Thank you for this wonderful experience and I hope to get a job because I am getting certified with the best!

During their barista training, Job Ready students learn how to make 5 basic coffee types: latte, cappuccino, flat white, long black and macchiato. As you can see from the pictures and the video, the training is always a lot of fun! Thank you, guys for sharing your first barista experiences with us!
Job Ready Program Teacher and Coordinator
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One thought on “My first barista training

  1. Hi , I’m Ayaka!!
    I’m a Job Ready student now.
    I practiced to make coffee before and it was difficult for me but it was fun!!
    I will do more training tomorrow again.
    I’m looking forward to it.

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