Playing violin in Cairns

Have you had a chance to listen to classic music in Cairns? I thought there were no orchestras here so it was a delightful suprise to find one called Cairns Concert Orchestra. My teacher who knew that I used to play the violin told me they were giving a concert. It was quite natural for me to decide to join them right after I went there.

However, I had not brought my own instrument from Japan so I needed to buy a new one. Fortunately, I found a music shop called Music City in front of our school. A day after the concert, I went there and got my new violin!

I usually practice playing the violin at my share house. All of my flatmates are so kind that they allow me to play it in my room and even ask me to play for them. Our orchestra has a rehearsal every Monday from 19:30 to 21:30 near the Botanic Garden. It takes me about 20 minutes by bicycle and it is a bit hard to ride a bicycle with my violin. Though, I really enjoy playing with them. Sometimes I cannot understand what the conductor sais but it is not a big problem because I can see what he wants from his gestures.

Our next concert is on 30th of November and I hope many people come to listen to us. Actually, there are few opportunities to listen and play a classical instrument in Cairns. If there are people who want to or used to play any classical instruments and seek an orchestra, I recommend that you contact our orchestra!

Yuriko, Upper-Intermediate

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