Crystal Cascades & Fairy Falls

If you want to explore some waterfalls close to Cairns in just one day, Crystal Cascades and Fairy Falls could be a good option for you. All you need is a car and the spirit of exploration. Both falls are located close to each other, 25 minutes by car west of Cairns. Once you go past the suburb of Redlynch, park your car at the Crystal Cascades parking lot and follow the path along the river for about 1 kilometre. At Crystal Cascades you can cool off by going swimming or just relax by the swimming holes and chill out.

Fairy Falls is less popular than Crystal Cascades, but that doesn’t mean that they are less beautiful. To get to the falls follow the path back to the parking lot, there you will notice a sign and path that leads off into the bush. The walk to Fairy Falls itself is only 300m on flat terrain. This is a great spot to cool off in the summer months, however it is just the one swimming hole which can get crowded at times. If it has rained, the rocks might get slippery, so make sure to take your time while climbing & always go together with other people.

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One thought on “Crystal Cascades & Fairy Falls

  1. Hi! Matteo
    I have been to Crystal Cascades 2 times.
    I saw a lot of fishes and I tried catching them. But I couldn’t .
    There are very nice places to relax.

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