In baseball you never know…

Have you ever seen a baseball game?  Are the rules too complex or boring? Today I want to present my favourite ballgame. Actually it‘s easy to play and a lot of fun. First you need a bat, a ball and two people. One is a pitcher and the other one is a batter. If you add one more person, he can be an umpire. In the regular baseball game, you need 18 people and each team has 9 players. Regular baseball game has 9 innings; each inning has an offensive team and a defensive team. The offensive tries to bat the ball as far as possible while the defensive team does its best to protect the ball. So you can see the pitcher throw the ball very fast nearly 95 miles/hour.

If you would like to watch a good baseball game, you definitely should watch Major League Baseball. It’s American professional baseball league.  Every baseball player dreams to play baseball there. Not only can you earn a lot of money but you can also get famous.

A lot of sports have time limit in each game. But baseball doesn’t. You have to play 9 innings until the last player outs. The longest baseball game ever played lasted 8 hrs. So you never know how it will end. It’s similar to life. You never know what will happen in the future until your life ends.

Darren, Pre-Intermediate

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