EcoMates CCEB

Hi CCEB community!

We have some great news for you! We have a new club at CCEB!

Who are we?

We are a group of students and teachers from CCEB that came together to improve environmental awareness in the college.

We would like to take advantage of the multiculturalism which exists here! And, with our knowledge combined, we would like to share ideas and create projects in order to spread out the ecological vibes.  That is why we launched a new club at CCEB called “EcoMates CCEB” and all of you are more than welcome to join us!


EcoMates club was created to encourage and improve the environmental awareness in the international student community in Cairns.

It’s common knowledge that Cairns is surrounded by highly valuable ecological systems which need to be preserved. That’s why, we want to help keep Cairns a green city.

What are our plans?

We would like everyone in the school to be aware of the importance of taking care of our natural resources and to learn how we can get involved and change our habits to reduce our impact on the planet. This can be done while having fun, practising English and meeting new people.

Our first project is a campaign to reduce, reuse and recycle paper, and we need your help to make it possible!

What are the benefits?

Being part of the EcoMates Club you can:

*Improve your vocabulary related to sustainability;

*Meet other like-minded people;

*Learn about the environment;

* And help to make the Earth a better place!


If you are interested, just come and have a chat with us.

United we can make a bigger difference!


EcoMates Club Team

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About CCEB

We are teachers and students at the Cairns College of English and Business (CCEB). How lucky are we to work and study in the Australian Wet Tropics with the world's oldest rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef at our doorstep! We would like to share our happy posts with the world! Welcome to the CCEB space eveyone.

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