My first trip alone

All my life I have lived with my family, but in January I decided to take on a new challenge in my life and I also wanted to learn another language because in my country it is very difficult to learn English. When you are outside the class everyone speaks in Spanish so I chose to change the country and environment and I also  wanted to find out about new cultures, traditions and meet new people.

I arrived in Cairns 3 months ago. I have been living in a share house and I am studying at CCEB which is a nice place because you can practice English there all the time.  You can also make new friends from several countries. In addition, Cairns offers different activities and has places that you can visit with your friends.  Although sometimes it is difficult because you miss your family, food and friends, it is an amazing experience because you can grow, mature and learn to be more independent.

If you want to live a new experience, take on a challenge in your life and learn how to speak English pretty well, you should travel to Australia since it is a beautiful country with a lot of beaches where you are able to go diving, snorkelling, visit waterfalls and discover amazing animals, for example koalas, kangaroos, cassowaries and crocodiles, etc.

If you want to change your life, you should visit Australia!

Michelle, Pre-Intermediate Class


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3 thoughts on “My first trip alone

  1. Hello Michelle,
    I am glad you made it alone even though it is very difficult to be at a strange place where you don’t know anybody.
    I think this is a very good experience because during the day you can practise your grammar and in the evenings you can practise your speaking skills with new friends, who you have met at school or in a bar. I definitely agree with you because your English skills have improved faster than they would in your own country with you surrounded by Spanish people only. I know it is hard to teach your brain to think in the English language, but hang in there, you are doing awesome!

  2. Hello, Michelle
    I think if you change your life, you should visit other countries too. I changed my life when I was a junior high school student. My first overseas trip was Cairns.
    Australia has very beautiful beaches , glorious nature and warm people.So I wanted to come here again for a long time.Now I have come to fulfil my dream.
    I should study English harder in CCEB because I want to speak with people from other countries.

  3. Hi Michelle,

    In my opinion, I think you made a good decision. I know how hard that would be if you visit foreign countries alone. It’s a challenge in your life maybe it will be the biggest challenge in your life.
    Everything has two sides. Challenge as well. It is very hard when you travel overseas. To begin with, the language. For instance, when I came Australia two years ago, I was so scared because I could not speak English properly. Secondly, We are all missing our home food. In the first few weeks, I was excited about having burgers in every meal. But after a period of time, I felt very upset and missed my hometown food so much.
    However, the advantages are obvious. On the one hand, you can travel some amazing places that you never been before and have marvellous experiences. On the other hand, you will get opportunies to learn new skils, such as a new language or cooking skills.
    To sum up, I deeply prefer taking challenges which occured in our life.

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