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About 2 months ago, I met a group of lovely people. It was definitely a gift from God. He must have heard my prayer to become a better person. Thank you God. Even though I believe in no religion, I will try my best to not be a bad person. It was an amazing chance to take part in and find out about the local people’s life. I met so many lovely people there. It was as if a lighthouse at night leading our way and encouraging us to survive the severe winter.

I cannot forget the first day when I came to Tanks Arts Centre. Alicia asked me “Do you want to join our drama of 2 Gen#Cns or are you just having a look?” I replied very quietly “Yes” and I wondered at that moment if I was crazy. Why did I come here and can I get on with it?” Every day before the warm up we had a check in first. Every day I answered many different questions: ”What’s your name? How are you today? What are your lines? What makes you sad?” Many questions Avril, our lovely director, would ask.

To be honest, I didn’t feel very lovely and interesting before. Firstly, it was a language problem and also I did a lot of ridiculous things. Secondly, I was too shy to get into my character. I wrongly thought if I do it, it would be like being a psycho. I rejected offers to come to the art centre before until I made many friends there.

I wanted to come and enjoy the time with these interesting people. I know I will leave them or this life at some point. I told myself: “Ivy, if you enjoy this different life, just keep studying English. Get an IELTS score you need and study what you like. And you will have the right to live with those interesting and lovely people.” I do not expect too much. I just want to improve my English skills and study in the future. It is very a hard road.

I’m going to just keep moving before my fire of life is out. I am still alive and chose the right road not the easy path. It is going to be a hard life for several years for me. Hoping I am a lucky duck who is not particularly healthy and strong.

I always believe I can change my life here. Thank you; you always bring good people to me when I face difficulties or confusion.

Ivy, Intermediate Class

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One thought on “Interesting Experience

  1. Hi Ivy,
    I really enjoyed reading your story. It’s inspiring and I think you can be proud of yourself. It’s uneasy to go out of your comfort zone and you did it ! It makes me think a little about something I wrote about the importance of facing our fears, maybe I recognize myself a bit in what you said. You said that you’re not strong but I think the opposite : you said “yes” the first day and you continued despite the difficulties ! Be proud and carry on, thanks for sharing this experience with us !

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